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Upcycling Materials ~ What is it?

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something beautiful and useful.

For example:

-Taking old tires and repurposing for baskets.

- Taking old Sari’s and creating beautiful bags, and scarves and shawls as we do with our clothing line.

Upcycling gives it new life and purpose and a more beautiful purpose. It is not just recycling but creating a new and improved use.

So what is the difference? Recycling vs. Upcycling

Recycling takes materials like plastic, paper, metal and glass and breaks them down so that their materials can be used to create a new product often the same or a lesser of a product rather than throwing it in trash. For example; recycling paper to save trees.

When you upcycle an items, you don’t break down the materials, you don’t degrade the quality, you use the materials to re-fashion an item. A upcycled item is typically better or the same quality as the original.

Upcycling is not a new idea.

Upcycling is also known as creative reuse, so in this way it is also Green. We take clothing, and upcycle the material to create our beautiful scarves, bags, and shawls.  Years ago our grandmothers did this when saving old pieces of clothing and patchworking to create quilts and other such items.

Upcycling is Green

You can now find upcycled materials being used for furniture, household décor, lighting, clocks, bags, artwork, clothing and much more. Upcycling can be repeated in perpetuity of returning materials back to a pliable, usable form without degradation to their latent value—moving resources back up the supply chain. Upcycling does not require any energy to break down the materials, just your imagination.

We know you will love our upcycled shawls, bags and scarves and we know you will appreciate the fact that you are part of something that is helping artisans feed their families, while helping the environment at the same time! How awesome is that?!

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