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During a relaxing session on the iMRS you will receive pulsating electromagnetic frequency which is used in support of overall condition. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can also protect us from harmful "electrosmog" which are the frequencies that come from cell phones, microwaves, and other wireless signals. This electrosmog drain our energy and can cause stress.  

Touted by Dr. Oz as the way we’re going to change traditional medicine, PEMF is the new dimension in wellness. Integrated, preventative wellness & health care backed by science and powered by nature, utilizing magnetic field application/magnetic resonance stimulation. Optimal cell function is the essence of human health and the whole body mat that you lay on during a session works on each cell in the body to optimize cell function. When cells work at their optimal level, cell charge is optimized and cells can absorb nutrients, minerals, and oxygen and naturally eliminate toxins. Now the body can do what it does best: repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate itself. PEMF therapy has helped tissue and bone repair. The body now has all the energy to function and the effects last for up to 6 hours after each session.

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What do PEMF sessions do? The PEMF device delivers a series of pulsating magnetic frequencies that creates a penetrating energy that will interact at the cellular level, in order to improve overall condition. Those improvements to the body are normalization of cells, and increasing oxygenation of tissues.

What is a PEMF session like? A PEMF session will essentially feel relaxing. All that is required of the client is to lie on a massage table (fully clothed) that has a PEMF system on it. No action or physical activity is required. Most people (and animals) simply go to a restful, meditative state or fall asleep.  In addition to the pad, there are a smaller "pillow pad” and a probe for application to specific areas. Frequently, people will state that they feel a tingling in an area of an old injury, while others say they feel a sense of well being and relaxation. Check it out for yourself and see what you experience!

Who can use PEMF Application? Everyone can use PEMF session from the very young to the elderly, from sedentary individuals to those that exercise daily. Essentially, anyone at any age group, any level of wellness or fitness including both humans and animals (of all species), can benefit from using this application while experiencing no negative side effects.

Are there any contraindications to using PEMF Application? Yes, there are contraindications for PEMF sessions. Specifically, for individuals who 1) have pacemakers 2) are pregnant or 3) are epileptic.

How often can I use PEMF Application? You can have PEMF sessions as often as you choose. Whether you use it once a day or once a week. Using PEMF just 8-60 minutes per day improves overall condition not only throughout the day but also throughout the weeks and months.

iMRS is now ~ Health Canada Medical Device Approved

What Dr's. and Researcher's Say about PEMF

Darkfield Microscopy before and after iMRS. 

Stacking called The Rouleau Effect and what happens after just 8 mins of iMRS.

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