Adjustable Back Spine Posture Corrector Adult Humpback Pain Back Support Brace Shoulder Belt Posture Correction

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Adjustable Back Spine Posture Corrector Adult Humpback Pain Back Support Brace Shoulder Belt Posture Correction

About the product:

· FULL BACK POSTURE CORRECTOR: Back posture support works by training your muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment, 2 aluminum support plates are contoured along the axis of your back spinal to support your lower back into a right position, helps to correct your posture of back and shoulder even humpback, makes you stand upright and more confident

· NEVER HURT ARMPITS: Our back shoulder support belt is wider and thicker than others when the cushioned straps pull your shoulders back, it will not cut your arms and very comfortable to wear. Our posture clavicle support brace made with breathable neoprene to maximize flexibility to help shape your back posture

· REDUCE NECK AND BACK PAIN: Bad posture can cause neck, shoulder and back pain and even lead to nerve damage.Through use this back brace, coupled with regular exercise, help in the treatment and rehabilitation after injuries and surgery of the thoracic and upper lumbar sections of spine and clavicle

· EASY TO USE: Put it on like a dress, you can tighten the waist and lower back brace with the help of the straps that are adjustable. The Highly elastic criss-cross shoulder straps can be used for prolonged usage, and this does not restrict any muscle activity. Designed for men, women and seniors


1. Do not bleach.

2. Use cold water hand washing.

3. Don't use the washing machine dehydration, hot water washing is not available. 

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Adjustable Humpback Spine Posture Corrector Protection Back Shoulder Support Posture Correction Therapy Belt





100% Brand new and high quality



Ease back pain with



Help you stand taller and straighter to make you look better and feel younger



Help you correct your posture



Sporting design helps correct harmful posture



No restricting, unisex design for man and woman



Fully adjustable for you



Suitable for: working, walking, exercising and relaxing


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Suitable Height

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80-95cm 31.5-37.4inch

150-170cm / 59.1-66.9inch



90-105cm 35.4-41.3inch

160-180cm / 62.9-70.9inch



100-115cm 39.4-45.3inch

165-185cm / 64.9-72.8inch