ANLAN Electric Eye Massager Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Eye Care LED Screen Hot Massage USB Rechargeable Massage Device (white)

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Brand: ANLAN color: White Material: Aluminum alloy, ABS Temperature: 37-45 degrees Celsius Vibration frequency: 10,000 times per minute Working voltage: 3.0-4.2V Rated voltage: DC3.7V Working current: 187 mAh Power: 0.7w Charging time: 1.5 hours Battery capacity: 380 mAh Package: Eye Massager, Product Manual (English), USB Charging Cable, Flannel Storage Bag


1. Three massage models, triple healing powers. Our anti aging eye massager works rejuvenation and improvement of the elasticity of the eye area. 2. 10000 times high-frequency vibration per minute. All functions can open the pores, which absorb the eye cream or eye fluid with more ion efficiency. 3. Electronic screen to see data, to guarantee security. This is a unique modern design from our massager. You can follow the models and the temperature of the product at any time. 4. Compact & Durable, great design. Our anti wrinkle massager applies the ergonomics and aluminum alloys. That's why it's small, light and easy to carry - perfect for holidays too. With rechargeable battery you can use it for a long time. 5. For all skin types, Ideal for eye massage, also for gift. Also for sensitive skin one can highly recommend our eye massager. The handling is also really uncomplicated.

Presentation of the 3 models

Model 1 Massage with sound wave vibration + heat treatment + red light therapy * Triple-effect treatment, whitening and rejuvenation, improving eye contour elasticity * Calm the eyes with 10000 high-frequency sound wave vibration per minute, giving you a comfortable massage feeling, detoxifying collagen regeneration Model 2 Heat treatment + red light therapy * Heat treatment are around 37-45 ℃, detoxify the blood, reduce eye fatigue * Relieve dark circles and bags under eyes, smooth the fine eye wrinkles, tighten the corner of the eye Model 3 Massage with sound wave vibration + heat treatment * High-frequency sound wave vibration and 37-45 degree heat treatment, rebuild your skin collagen, tighten your pores, relieve bags under your eyes, smooth the fine eye wrinkles, activate lifeless skin, accelerate the absorption of nutrients temperature control Temperature rule consists of 9 Grade.



Founded in 2014, ANLAN is a professional beauty brand that focuses on technology skin care. Since its inception, ANLAN has been researching cutting-edge technology. Each product has to go through more than 2,000 tests before it goes on the market, continuously improving the technology and verifying the safety and effectiveness of the product.