EMS Smart Eye Massager Wireless Electric Eye Massager Air Compression Vibration Magnetic Heated Goggles Anti Wrinkle Eye Care

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5 major features

1.3D mobile optics technology: Enhance retinal sensitivity and improve the regulation of ciliary muscles.
2. EMS micro-current technology: pulse massage, promote eye circulation, relieve eye fatigue.
3. High-grade silicone material: soft and comfortable, no irritation, removable and fit eye massage is more comfortable.
4. Elastic band design: You can adjust the tightness according to your head and face size.
5. High-grade ABS material: heat-resistant, low-temperature resistant, flame retardant, and good electrical insulation.

Suitable for the crowd:

1. Large, medium, and primary school students with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and excessive use of the eyes, or long-term wear of glasses caused by eye fatigue.
2. Computer operators, accountants, secretaries, teachers, drivers who drive for a long time, precision machine workers and other visually impaired people.
3. Crow's feet, dark circles, eye bags.

Applicable effect:

1. Prevention of myopia, beauty eye
Use twice a day, each time for 10 minutes, effectively alleviate the microcirculation of the eye tissue, improve the regulation of the ciliary muscles, activate the eye cell tissue, increase oxygen and collaterals, prevent myopia, cosmetic eye, and clear eyes.
2. relieve eye fatigue
Each time you wear it for 10 minutes, you can fully relax the eyeball and eye muscles, reduce intraocular pressure, quickly relieve the symptoms of soreness caused by excessive eye, dryness and other symptoms. Wear it for 10 minutes every night before going to bed, fully relax the brain and easily enter. Deep sleep relieves symptoms of insomnia caused by excessive brain and can shorten the time to fall asleep.

The package includes:

1* eye massager
1*USB data cable
1* instruction manual