GF-21/07/09 Mini GPS Tracker Car GPS Locator Anti-theft Tracker Anti-Lost Recording Tracking Device Voice Control

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GF-09 Mini GPS Tracker APP Control Anti-Theft Device Locator Magnetic Voice Recorder



● Multifunction Design

● Remote pickup, remote recording, APP

● listening, voice recording, voice control callback, real-time tracking,

● shock burglar alarm, SOS one key for help, historical trajectory

● Comprehensive support LBS, GPS and BEIDOU

● High-definition silicon microphone

● Electronic fence

● Support a variety of power saving mode

● Low battery reminder

● Remote switch machine

● Built-in strong magnetic

● Free installation

● Positioning accuracy: 10 - 50 meters

● Memory support: TF card 32GB ( not included )

● Recording range: 80 square meters

● Platform view: SMS + APP + computer

● Communication frequency: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz

● Charging input: 5V voltage

● Working temperature: -20 - 85 Deg.C

● Network standard: GSM / GPRS

● Body memory: 1024M

GF21 Mini GPS Car Tracker

Item Type: GPS Locator
Model Number: GF-21
Material: Plastic
Size: 2.6x1.3x4.3cm/1.02x0.5x1.6in
Color: Black
Charging Input: 5V
Communication frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Positioning mode: WIFI+LBS+GPS
Platform view: SMS+APP+computer
Working Temperature: -20-85°C/-4-185°
● Remote pickup, remote recording, voice-activated callback, voice-activated recording, high-definition silicon microphone WIFI+LBS+AGPS positioning.
● Real-time tracking, historical track, vibration burglar alarm, electronic fence, built-in strong magnetic, multiple power-saving modes, low-power alarm , remote switch machine.
● SOS Call for Rescue: In case of emergency, press the SOS key, that is, to send a call and information to the guardian for help.
● Device Loss Can be found by Mobile App. 
● Two-way Call: Address Book Number Calls with Users.
● Class anti-interference mode: set the non-interference time range through the guardian's mobile phone APP, and shield the incoming calls from the equipment.
● Remote monitoring: a highly sensitive microphone that monitors the surrounding sound in real time in case of an emergency.
● Device shutdown and restart function can be realized by guardian's mobile phone APP.
● Intelligent Power Saving: Turn off/turn on GPS and data upload in time.
● Mobile client/micro-messenger/computer service platform, multi-control mode.

Package Included:

1 x Locator,

1 x USB Cable,

1 x English Manual