Mini Eye Massager Vibration Anti Bag Pouch Anti-wrinkle Pen

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Mini Eye Massage Device Electric Eye Massager Vibration Anti Bag Pouch Anti-wrinkle Pen @ME88
1. Inheriting meridian massage and innovating microseisms.
2. Gentle vibration massage function accelerates blood circulation around the eyes
3. Effectively improve eye edema, dull, dark circles, promote the metabolism of the pericytes.
4. Effectively reduce fine lines, eye bags.
5. Lifting the eye area and softening the skin around the eyes.
6. Exquisite and compact, it is easy to carry around.
Material: PP+ABS
Powered: 1x AA (Not included)
Scope of application:
The skin around the eyes or face is slack and has fat particles.
Fine lines formed by the muscles and skin around the eyes, eye bags.
For people:
Periocular edema, with Eye Pouch, fine lines, dark circles

Package Includes:
1x Eye Massager(No battery)