Neck Massager Electric Pulse Back and Far Infrared Heating Cervical Vertebra Treatment Pain Relief

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Relief neck pain and stiff neck fast and effective using pulse for deep tissue massage. The massager produces no noise, enjoy massage without disturbing others.
Simulated acupuncture techniques, deep massage breakthrough traditional physical massage, convert pulse electricity into bioelectricity to activate human cells, dredge meridians, improve cell viability, and balance cell potential.
360° floating electrode piece, elastically fits the neck, the electrode piece floats design, fits the neck curve, and the massage is not suspended. Maintains health and prevents cervical neck pain, headache, and shoulder pain.
Suitable for different levels of needs, easy to operate and easy to use, suitable for office, travel, home treatments.
This is a neck massager that uses a battery. It does not require charging. It only requires two AAA battery massagers to work.
Material: plastic.
Pulse frequency: 1-1000 Hz.
Shape of the pulse wave: Fang Bo.
Power: 2 AAA batteries (not included).
Products include:
1 x neck massager
2 x electrodes
1 connecting cable
NOTA:Wipe the neck with a wet towel before use, so that the massage device is close to the skin, so as not to cause tingling; the electric pulse is weak first and then strong, so that the neck adapts to the electric pulse massage, and gradually adjusts to the intensity suitable for oneself, everyone is right The electrical pulse sensitivity is different. If you feel unwell, you can choose other functions for massage.