Posture Corrector Back , Shoulder & Spinal Support Adjustable. Pain Relief

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Do you often sitting down all day working or studying while stooping? A bad posture corrector can cause neck or shoulder pain, backaches, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, slumped shoulders, and slouching, etc.

We're looking for ways to fix this problem. If you want to correct your posture and relieve muscle aches, the Natudix's posture corrector is the best choice for you. By wearing it to get a good posture and make you more confident and attractive!

Different from other simple posture corrector, we designed our Natudix's posture corrector in a upgraded version. Our posture corrector will pull your shoulders and waist to a more natural position and also straighten your back.

✔ Make your back in a correct posture.

✔ Reducing mental and physical fatigue and stress.

✔ Improve Mental Health & Make you more productive.

✔ Fully adjustable, comfortable & easy to wear.

The posture correction provides strong support for your waist and back, perfect for teenagers and adults to prevent hunchback from improving hunchback, making you more confident and attractive. It also relieves neck and shoulder pain.
2 hours A day, Get the Perfect Posture

Sports Posture Corrector should be worn daily for one hour, twice a day at first. Once your back or shoulders adjust to your new muscle memory improving posture, add 15 to 30 minutes more per session.



1. It should not be used any longer than 3 hours in a 12 hour day period.

2. If you feel pain or tired from wearing the posture corrector, please take it off and wear it again the next day or two.

3. Please wear your clothes before wear this posture corrector. (If your armpits feel uncomfortable when you wear it, please place the 2 shoulder pads under your armpits and adjust the tightness of the 2 smaller straps to a comfortable position, so making it fit for your body.)

4. Hand wash in cold water with soap, then air dry, a brush may be needed, not for machine washing.