Toothbrush Uv Light Sanitizer Toothbrush Holder Ultraviolet Sterilizer Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Esterilizador Escova (white)

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Toothbrush Uv Light Sanitizer Toothbrush Holder Ultraviolet Sterilizer Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Esterilizador Escova 

UV disinfection bacteria killer USB charging, automatic solar charging, indoor lighting, natural light, sunlight, can be charged Infrared sensor intelligent switch, 2m sensing distance, human body within 2m, automatic power off Start in 10 seconds. Wall-mounted installation. Energy saving and environmental protection. Name: Smart toothbrush sterilization storage box Working voltage: DC3.7V Power: 1.2W Working current: 0.32A Battery capacity: 1200mah Sterilization method: UV photocatalyst Exhaust: 190 * 125 * 47mm Charging time: 6 hours Standby time: long