Toothbrush UV Light Sanitizer Toothbrush Holder Ultraviolet Sterilizer Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Solar And USB Power(white)

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Toothbrush UV Light Sanitizer Toothbrush Holder Ultraviolet Sterilizer Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Solar And USB Power

Automatic toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holder. 70% of oral problem comes from toothbrush. Toothbrush bacteria are 80 times that of toilet, upto 3 million. Most of the germs are in washroom and this holder UV sanitize and kills 99.0% germs and bacteria. Light solar and USB power recharging. East to stick on any surface.


1. Toothbrush cleaning 99% Sterilization
2. UVC + Photocatalytic double sterilization. Silver inner plate reflects ultraviolet rays, achieve 360 degree sterilization effect.
3. Solar charging, Durable life , No need to continue charging , More peace of mind, USB charging for 6 hours , The maximum can last for about 3 months
4. Infrared smart sensor, Sensitive infrared sensor, Induction within 2m range, lighting indicator
5. Punch-free installation, strong adhesion, no damage to the wall
6. Smart start and stop human induction. Stop automatically when people approach and start when leaves. Zero UV radiation effect.

7.  Double-layer sterilization design, the upper layer can be placed toothbrush, the lower layer is placed razor, dental floss, etc. Can disinfect more products at the same time, high practicality.

8. The sterilizer is waterproof and moisture-proof, no leakage leakage, safer to use


Color: White/Black
Size: 19x4.7x12.5cm
Weight: 420g
Material: Photocatalyst
· The actual manual measurement size may have some errors. The actual size is subject to the actual product.
· Due to different lighting and shooting conditions, the color of the picture may differ slightly from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.

UV disinfection bacteria killer USB charging, automatic solar charging, indoor lighting, natural light, sunlight, can be charged Infrared sensor intelligent switch, 2m sensing distance, human body within 2m, automatic power off Start in 10 seconds. Wall-mounted installation. Energy saving and environmental protection. Name: Smart toothbrush sterilization storage box Working voltage: DC3.7V Power: 1.2W Working current: 0.32A Battery capacity: 1200mah Sterilization method: UV photocatalyst Exhaust: 190 * 125 * 47mm Charging time: 6 hours Standby time: long