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Ultrasonic Face Scrubber, Dead Skin, Wrinkle Remover, Pore Cleanser , Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenation

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  • 💧 ULTRASONIC SCRUB: High-Frequency vibrations to exfoliate dead skin effectively. You can quickly remove the blackheads, dead skin, dirt and oil in your pores.
  • 💧 DESINCRUSTATION: Deep cleansing treatment that softens sebum, break down melanin and blackheads. Clean your pores thoroughly, eliminate aging of the stratum corneum and blackheads, dead skin, oil and make-up dust, etc.
  • 💧 IONTOPHORESIS: Help penetrating skincare product under the skin, leading-in nutrition quickly, improve skin absorption capacity to anti-aging and reduce wrinkles.
  • 💧 SWEET AND LIGHT: Light electric blackhead removal, easy to carry. In 3-4 hours fully charged, it may last a week. A perfect gift for family or friends.